Monday, 6 September 2021

FCMB Pensions - Creative Thinking Retreat and Strategy Sessions - Abuja 2021

FCMB Pensions had a 3-day Management Strategy Retreat to review the performance of its existing strategy and re-align it to fit current market and economic realities.

The Retreat took place at Bon Hotel Elvis, Abuja from the 12-14 November 2021 and Learning Impact NG was there to facilitate the retreat to achieve the above objectives.

See below for the pictures from the event:


Monday, 23 August 2021

Strategic HR - PenOp 2021

To ensure that Human Resource personnel is not just attending to employee welfare and compliance but have taken the diver's seat utilizing the people assets to drive the organizational strategy, PenOp organized a 2-day training for HR personnel in the various PFCs and PFAs. 

Learning Impact NG facilitated this training. It was insightful training as the Facilitator, Omagbitse Barrow provided participants with the tools, skills, and frameworks, empowering them to become strategic in their HR roles and be impactful to their organization. 

The pictures below speaks more:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Managing Customer Experience - VFD Group 2021

To ensure that their customers are maximumly satisfied so that they can become advocates of their products and services, VFD Groups organized a-2day training for the customer-facing staff so they can be equipped with the tools, framework, and skills to offer fantastic service to their clients.

This training was facilitated by Learning Impact NG and participants had a great learning experience.

See pictures of the event below:



Monday, 5 July 2021

Managing Employees' Performance - PenOP 2021

PenOp saw the need to manage the performance of employees, so organized a-2day virtual training on Managing Employee Performance for line managers and team leads in the various PFAs and PFCs in Nigeria.

Participants got exposed to the essence and limitations of Performance Management, strategy alignment and goal setting, tool, and resources for capacitating the performance of employees, performance appraisals, as well as the principles and tools for giving effective feedback. Mr. Omagbitse Barrow of Learning Impact NG was the facilitator of this training. 

See pictures below:

Managing Customer Experience - PenOP 2021

To ensure quality customer experience, the Pension Fund Operators Association of Nigeria (PenOP) organized a-2day virtual workshop on Managing Customer Experience for various PFAs and PFCs. This training was facilitated by Learning Impact NG.
Participants were equipped with the tools, framework, and skills to offer fantastic service to their clients.

See pictures of the event:


Wednesday, 30 June 2021

JUNE 2021 - Lets Get Involved Book Drive in Schools

In a bid to contribute our quota in promoting effective governance and combating the anomalies in our country's political system the #Let'sGetInvolved team carried out a Book Drive campaign in June by visiting schools in Abuja and donating our book "110 Politracy" to them. This donation is to support the work of public education and advocacy by the #LetsGetInvolved Program that is geared towards promoting higher and more qualitative participation in democratic and civic affairs amongst Nigerians - especially among the educated elites. We believe that teachers, who are core influencers in the education sector and  important agents of socialization and transmission of values  must not be left out.

View highlights of our visits:

Beautiful Beginning Academy, Apo Abuja

Benford International Schools, Lokogoma Abuja

Britmax International School, Lokogoma Abuja

Creative Learning International School, Apo-Gudu Abuja

Cornerstone Montessori Schools, Durumi 2 Abuja

Covenant Foundation Schools, Lokogoma Abuja

Divine Mercy School, Asokoro Abuja
Doveland International School, Lokogoma Abuja

Early Beginners School, Lokogoma Abuja
Funtaj International School, Apo-Gudu Abuja

Start-Rite Schools Apo Abuja

The Hampstead Academy Apo, Abuja
Vinecare Nursery and Primary School Lokogoma Abuja

Baptist High School Kubwa, Abuja

Parliament International School, Gudu Abuja

Royal Family Academy, Wuye Abuja

Christian Community Schools, Wuse Abuja

Meadowlands School, Gudu, Abuja